School Management Software

Education is the light of our society. To enlighten people with good etiquette, a good management of nurturing is necessary. To keep track of a huge number of students and think of their development, at the same time synchronize the employee and teachers, are a huge load of pressure to the school committee and sensitive in terms of students. A single error can mess a students life and create a harmful impact on students. To eradicate these confusions and frustrations, our school management software in Bangladesh can claim the role.

We provide the best school management software in Bangladesh. The features we provide to our clients are listed below:

Student Record: You can record the daily performances, attendances, test results on our school management software in Bangladesh. The parents also can send the daily reports of the students through messages or e-mails. So, you can create a bridge between the school committee and the guardians with the help of our School management software in Bangladesh.

Dormitories information: Dormitories are now part and parcel of almost all the institutions. To build up efficient manpower, you need to make sure they get the best nurturing. You can keep updated of the dormitory related information through our software.

HRM: Managing employees is an important issue for any organization. Besides teachers, students a school has a large number of employees as well. To keep track their work performances, rewarding effective employees,

Asset Management: You can control your assets and inventory well with our school management software. Inventory count, tracking, information control etc. can be managed very well in an organized way with us.

Accounts: Accounting activities of the school also can be controlled through our software. The tuition bills of students, Account payable bills can be stored in the software which will make the accounting activities more easy and efficient.

SMS or E-mail service: The regular updates and progress of students can be shared with the parents through SMS or e-mail service is available in our software.


The human being makes errors. But when you are running an educational institution, the margin of error should be the least. To reduce the errors and get more productive results, most of the organizations now use software system because of its convenient, facile, accurate and effective using software for any task.

  • Nothing gets lost in the software
  • Cloud storage can provide you access to unlimited opportunities
  • More accurate results
  • The software can connect users to share information which would help build the bridge of communication among lecturers, parents, professors, authorities. Also, the users can share resources, provide suggestions which would certainly benefit the student’s education process
  • Faster information flow in between the organization
  • Accessible from anyplace at any time
  • Time-saving, effort saving platform
  • Saves extra work shift of administrative employees
  • Saves money
  • Can be accessible even there isn’t any internet connection

Now, you understand what our school management software in Bangladesh can bring to you. An amazing system of all the solutions to your needs. So, you want to adopt the best school management software in Bangladesh, please do visit us on our website.